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I put random things in here that I have used with their qualities and my honest opinions of them. Feel free to take a look, or maybe I'm posting and noone looks, hopefully someone gets a little usefulness from the info.


Gaff tape - The best tape. I used it a lot in theatre, its a cloth tape with a great backer that lasts forever but also pulls off with little to no residue.

  • Gaffer power - Good quality
  • Allstar Performance - Good quality
  • Tape king - Garbage, bad tears, far too sticky, leaves residue

Personal Tech

Smart Watches

  • Moto360 (vers 1) - slow, laggy interface, short battery life, charging during the day tends to heat the watch up enough to be uncomfortable to wear
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR - Laggy, very cumbersome interface, difficult to get to communicate with other garmin devices, will not allow for monitoring of heart rate during swimming, will not allow for being used as a heart rate monitor for the bike computer (Garmin edge 1000), ok battery life. Seems the hardware is descent but the software is garbage.
  • Pebble watch 1 - got this off woot for cheap to mess around with it, surprisingly its been my favorite watch so far, it is not touch but thats good (brushing it on stuff doesn't mess around with things, buttons are better for watches), the interface is fast, responsive, intuitive and the battery life is impressive for a smartwatch.
  • Pebble watch 2 HR - ordered one of these, will try it out and see how it is.

VR tech

  • Oculus DK2 - FB bought them and they tabled Linux support (which is one of the reasons I bought the thing to support them), good head tracking, immersive but the refresh rates were not there for this version, and motion sickness was a thing. If you can get one fairly cheap now its pretty neat to play with but a lot of software will not work with it as it requires the newer rift or a vive, but still worth a grab if you are a maker and want something more budget then a main-line one.
  • HTC Vive - great headset, has some focus issues with people, suggest switching out the foam face interface with a pleather one from amazon if you have friends over to use it (you should, best use). This is the way VR should be, in a room walking around, very immersive. Wireless needs to be a high priority, and the one from china aparently has some issues so waiting for the more official version. I moved to using longer cables to the link box and switched out the original 3-cable linkbox to headset with the single-cable new style but I find it still gets in the way and binds so action games are a hassle, also people tend to punch the fan from time to time so make sure your boundries are generous.


  • Lenovo X220 - Great laptop, got it up to 16GB of memory and 1TB ssd, but its downfall was the un-upgradability of its terrible little screen, you cant get that in anything better then 1360x768 (if memory serves correct).
  • Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 3 - Great laptop, memory soldered on, got it with max 8GB it could have, and the 2k screen, love the laptop but over time the screen starts to have issues but thats 4 years on. May get the new generation but they seem to be overpricing them now that they have become more popular, same laptop that cost me ~1200 now costs 2400 sooo.... may go with something else with more graphics performance this time.